What is Life Coaching and Personal Growth?

Life Coaching is committed to help you live a life you love. A way of living with new opportunities, skills, and powerful tool is help transform all aspects of you life, including employment, relationships, family, and friendships leaving everyone with the possibility of being empowered.   

Life Coaching usually occurs over the phone or Skype.  I can work clients throughout the states and the world.

For MUCH more information, check out my website focused on coaching at: Livingalifeilovecoaching.com

Important Limitations

Life Coaching is NOT therapy. If the severity of the issues requires therapy, I will help you find a therapist in your area. Life Coaching is not covered by any national board, or state licensing board. As a licensed psychologist in the State of Nevada, and the State of Minnesota, I choose to apply the ethical guidelines and rules of psychology. Specifically, I follow the ethical value of safety when faced with issues where you make statements of threat to self, others, or abuse to a child or vulnerable adult. I will treat any information as private, and only release your personal information when you give me permission, mandated by reporting rules, or required by a court order. 

The Sexual Health Institute is committed to healing to create the freedom to choose your future and the courage to act.

Contact Info:

Weston Edwards, PHD


612 987 4482

Skype: westonmedwards

Twitter: WEdwardsPHD